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We support an enriched lifestyle for all individuals, from children to adults.

Other Exhibits

A large variety of excellent artifacts from Tama Newtown relics to excavated Jomon earthenware are on exhibit in a special storeroom, viewable in glass display cases.

Relics of Edo

These exhibits of Edo-related relics display ceramics excavated from the site of the Edo mansion of the lord of the Owari domain, organized by period. One can see the progression of Edo's fired ceramics from the beginning of the 17th century to the beginning of the Meiji Period in late 19th century.
There are also exhibits related to recent to modern times in Shiodome, including dyed porcelain excavated from the site of the Date family's Edo mansion in the ruins of Shiodome, such as an actual wooden water pipe from the waterworks, photo panels of the former Shinbashi Station building, etc.

Reports from excavation sites

The report exhibit corner introduces the latest results of surveys by each of the offices engaging in excavation surveys at various sites in Tokyo.
Currently on display is Jomon Period earthenware from the Tohoku, Tokai, and Kinki regions, which was excavated from within the Tokyo Metropolitan area. The exhibit clearly presents the cultural exchange between the different regions during the Jomon Period.

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Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center

Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center

Tokyo Metropolitan Archaeological Center 1-14-2 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0033