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Surveys of Buried Cultural Properties and Other Businesses

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The Center performs excavation surveys to protect buried cultural properties, discloses historical materials that are discovered in such surveys, and conducts business with the unified goal of preserving and utilizing such finds.
Specifically, the Center provides exhibits and explanations based around archeological artifacts, holds lectures to release the information acquired in excavation surveys to the general public, and conducts activities such as hands-on experience workshops based on the fruits of research gained through excavation surveys.
Through measures such as organizing observation trips to excavation survey sites, in the midst of the survey process, the Center conducts business to disseminate information so that interested parties may become intimately familiar with the survey materials.

Buried Cultural Properties Research and Excavation

In addition to appropriately preserving important cultural properties and taking the necessary measures for their utilization, the Center records and maintains buried cultural properties by assembling the results of such measures into reports.

(1) Primary Business Entrusted to the Center

Excavation survey business: The Center conducts its business operations jointly with the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, in accordance with the Act for the Protection of Cultural Properties and the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education's administrative policies regarding the protection of buried cultural properties.
Excavation survey procedures: Excavation surveys are coordinated cooperatively between the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, developers, and the Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation.

(2) Primary Business Entrusted by the Center

Among the businesses of excavation surveys, organizing archeological artifacts, publishing reports, and disseminating information regarding buried cultural properties, work related to excavation surveys such as digging and measuring (work that does not require specialized knowledge of buried cultural properties) is entrusted to private sector contractors. However, such digging and measuring work, etc. is performed under the direction, instruction, and guidance of qualified curators and researchers from the Corporation with sufficient knowledge and many years of experience regarding the survey and protection of buried cultural properties.

Dissemination of Research regarding and Utilization of Buried Cultural Properties

Tokyo Metropolitan Buried Cultural Center exhibits buried cultural properties unearthed by excavation surveys, holds lectures, lends and gathers materials, and conducts hands-on experience workshops, field trips to excavation sites, and on-site briefings. By utilizing buried cultural properties in such a way, the Center conducts business to advance culture by arousing interest in buried cultural properties among Tokyo residents and deepening their knowledge and understanding.

(1) Primary Business Entrusted to the Center

A. Business as the designated manager appointed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Administration and operation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Buried Cultural Properties Research Center: storage and custody of archeological artifacts, etc., lending of materials, etc., exhibition and utilization of materials, management and presentation of the historic garden, provision of lectures and parent-child experience workshops, etc.)

B. Cultural properties repair business (Repair of relics from Kokubunji City)

(2) Primary Independent Business

A. Business to disseminate information on buried cultural properties (Survey research, excavation survey presentations, hands-on archeology experience workshops, film festivals, visits to elementary schools, archeology counseling, research presentations in cooperation with external groups, field trips to see ruins and artifacts at survey sites, publication of a brochure)

B. Business in cooperation with formal education (Internships, workplace experience for middle school and other students, hands-on experience at museums, etc.)

(3) Primary Business Entrusted by the Center

Cleaning, treatment of waste, equipment maintenance inspection, regulatory inspection, security, construction of exhibits, etc.


  • Announcements (publications) of the results of research are viewable in the viewing corner.
  • On-site briefings are viewable in the viewing corner.

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