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We support an enriched lifestyle for all individuals, from children to adults.

Daini-budojo(Second Dojo)

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The Daini-budojo(Second Dojo) has a 473 square meter (15.5×30.5m) competition area made of pure red pine flooring. It is used for martial arts that take place on wood flooring, such as kendo and naginata, a traditional pole weapon. Overshoes are prohibited in the dojo in principle, but the dojo may be used for barefooted aerobics and other exercises. There is enough space for two kendo rings for use in competitions, and it is possible to use the dojo in units of one half.

施設を利用したい(個人)Use the Facilities

Information Regarding Availability for General Use

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月(month) 日(date) 曜日(day of week) 開館時間(opening hours) 詳細(detail)
1 28 金(Fri) 詳しく見る
1 29 土(Sat) 詳しく見る
1 30 日(Sun) 詳しく見る
1 31 月(Mon) 詳しく見る
2 1 火(Tue) 詳しく見る
2 2 水(Wed) 詳しく見る
2 3 木(Thu) 詳しく見る

Basic information regarding facilities

Facility scale, seating, etc. Competition types
Competition floor 473 sq. meters
Wood-like cushioning pure red pine flooring
30 spectator seats
Kendo: 2 rings
Naginata: 2 rings
T'ai chi ch'uan

Hours of operation / Usage fees / Caution regarding use

Hours of operation

Weekdays 9:00〜21:00 (last entry 20:00)

Usage fees

Usage time includes preparation and cleanup afterwards. Usage fees include consumption tax. (Unit: yen)

General Middle school and younger Usage conditions, etc.
450 yen / 2 hours and 30 min.
(overtime 220 yen / hour)
190 yen / 2 hours and 30 min.
(overtime 110 yen / hour)
Martial arts that can be practiced on wood flooring
Users middle school age and younger must have an instructor present when using the dojo.
* Persons holding a disability certificate, please show your certificate to the receptionist.
 The disabled and up to one caregiver may use the facilities at no charge.
Caution regarding use
  • In extraordinary cases, the facilities may be closed on days other than the scheduled closings.
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