There are a total of 5 conference rooms. The basic capacity for each room is 20 people, and the partitions can also be removed. The rooms can be used for conferences as well as training programs.

Basic information regarding the facilities

Facility scale, seating, etc.

5 rooms capacity for each room:20 people
*Partitions can be removed
Floor space of63m² for each room

Competition types

  • Training
  • Conference
  • Supplementary rooms for competitions

Auxiliary Installations and Equipment

Equipment name Unit of use Fee for use
Large visual display 1 set 2 hours 16,000 yen
Electric display device A 1 set 2 hours 5,400 yen
Electric display device B 1 set 2 hours 2,200 yen
Broadcasting equipment 1 set 2 hours 1,000 yen
horizontal & vertical banners
1 day 1m² 3,200 yen
Exhibition stand 1 day 1m² 2,200 yen
Megaphone 1 set 2 hours 1,100 yen
Power source for brought in equipment 1kw 2 hours 100 yen

Auxiliary Installations and Equipment Free

  • Electric white board
  • Television
  • Broadcasting devices

Hours of operation

Weekdays / Saturdays 
8:45〜22:30(final entry time 22:00)
Sundays / Holidays 
8:45〜21:30(final entry time 21:00)