Restaurant Tatsumi

※Reservations for parties are also accepted. Please feel free to discuss about budgets etc.
※Reservations for preparing lunch boxes for events are also accepted. Please feel free to inquire.

Seat capacity 60 people (when seated down)
Buffet style capacity 60 people (party)
Private reservation accepted (please inquire)
Standard reservation accepted (please inquire)
Delivery not available
Takeout not available

Open Hours

Drink 10:30〜18:00
Meals 11:00〜17:30
Sat., Sun., holidays Same as the competition event time schedule.
Regularly closed days When facility is closed


Meal Menu

  • Daily Lunch(Tatsumi Lunch):750 yen
  • Daily Pasta(Tatsumi Lunch):750 yen
  • Daily Udon:500 yen
  • Daily Soba:500 yen
  • Pork Cutlet Meal:850 yen
  • Ginger Pork Meal:750 yen
  • Hashed Beef:750 yen
  • Pork Curry:700 yen

Side Dishes

  • French Fries:400 yen
  • Edamame Beans:300 yen
  • Pancake:400 yen
  • Fried Chicken:600 yen


  • Drink Bar(soft drinks):350 yen
  • Draft Beer:500 yen


Products Size Price
T-shirt(Tatsumi logo) S,M,L 2,000 yen
Swim cap M,L 570 yen
Swim cap(Tatsumi logo) M,L 1,000 yen
Swim cap(Tatsumi logo)silicon type One-size-fits-all 1,800 yen
Women's swim wear(high cut) S,M,L,O 7,900 yen
Women's swim wear(half suit) S,M,L,O 9,000 yen
Men's swim wear(brief) S,M,L,O 4,400 yen
Men's swim wear(half spats) S,M,L,O 5,200 yen
Men's swim wear(spats) S,M,L,O 5,900 yen

※There are limits to numbers and sizes etc., so please contact the following telephone number.


Tokyo Tatsumi
International Swimming Center Restaurant03-3521-3837