The sub pool is located within the same space of the main arena, and also capable of holding competitions. It is used as a warmup pool for athletes when competitions are held at the main pool. It is also used for pool walking when the facility is open to the public.

Please observe the following facility rules in order to use the pool safely and comfortably.

  • Do not enter the pool area in attires other than for swimming.
  • Drunk visitors are not allowed in the facility.
  • Shoes and dangerous items such as glass objects are not permitted in the pool area.
  • Take off watches or accessories, and also remove any makeup.
  • Do not bring in radios, cameras, newspapers, or magazines.
  • Shower well and stretch before swimming.
  • Do not eat or drink (including chewing gum) in the pool area and changing rooms.
  • We ask visitors to be individually responsible for maintaining their health and prevention of accidents or thefts.
  • Please follow the instructions of lifeguards in the pool area.

Basic information regarding the facilities

Facility scale, seating, etc.

50m×15m 7 lanes
Depth 1.2m〜1.4m

Competition types

  • Swimming

Auxiliary Installations and Equipment

Equipment name Unit of use Fee for use
Large visual display 1 set 2 hours 16,000 yen
Electric display device A 1 set 2 hours 5,400 yen
Electric display device B 1 set 2 hours 2,200 yen
Broadcasting equipment 1 set 2 hours 1,000 yen
horizontal & vertical banners
1 day 1m² 3,200 yen
Exhibition stand 1 day 1m² 2,200 yen
Megaphone 1 set 2 hours 1,100 yen
Power source for brought in equipment 1kw 2 hours 100 yen

Hours of operation

Weekdays / Saturdays 
9:00〜22:00(final entry time 21:00)
Sundays / Holidays 
 9:00〜21:00(final entry time 20:00)

Usage fees

Time limit standard junior high school
students and younger
No time limit 600 yen 260 yen
Information regarding the use of pools etc.
  • Adults and children above the age of 3
  • Infants/ children younger than third year elementary school students must be accompanied by a guardian or parent (who can swim together).
    *Guardians must be adults above the age of 20, and 1 guardian may accompany up to 2 children.
  • If students at the age between fourth year elementary school and junior high school wish to use the pool after 17:00, a guardian must accompany them to and from the swimming center.
  • We ask guests with a physical disability certificate to show it at the reception. The disabled guest and accompanying person will be permitted to use the pool for free of charge.